About Us

DriveHi provides quick routes to your destination, missing the traffic and keeping those wheels turning. It will not only tell you how long it will take, but it will even tell you how much the journey will cost in fuel!! It will let you know about about live traffic updates and incidents ahead. Thatai??i??s just the beginning.....
We have developed a World wide application that will have an interest to many categories.

DriveHI takes it to another level!!

DriveHi can put you on the map, set up your profile and choose from many car personality icons to share with other DriveHi members. Ai??You can tag or be tagged to connect with other DriveHi members and have a general chat.

But what if you get curious about the driver next to you and write essays for money take a fancy to them. DriveHi application gives you the opportunity to start networking and viewing members full profiles and these will include:

  • What car they drive,
  • Where they work,
  • Job title,
  • Town they live,
  • How about Messaging your DriveHi friends across the world, maybe see if your friends are driving or stationary?

Thatai??i??s just the beginning now the fun stuff.

So whether its driving to work on a Monday morning we can get you excited to frequently use the app on your planned car journeys, and see if your friends are driving or connected or offline.

DriveHi is a great way to make friends, get into relationships without missing the essay help opportunity, and even business to business opportunities on the go.

Businesses Large or small have the opportunity to advertise their company on the street map for DriveHi members.

It also has a platform on your profile to sell any item from a CAR, to even a PEN.

How it works

  • Home & work

    Add your home and work address for quick navigation.

  • Planned drives

    This will alert you that you need to be somewhere at a certain time.

  • Traffic Reports

    This will alert you that you need to be somewhere at a certain time.

  • Gas Stations

    This will alert you that you need to be somewhere at a certain time.

  • Chats and Message

    You will be able to Message for FREE.

  • My Profile

    Provide general information about your car, and your mood icon

  • Members Profile

    Shows members Social & Business Profile

  • Fare Calculator

    Providing your estimate fuel cost per journey

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