Frequently Asked Questions

  • QUS:- "When will I be able to download this application?"

    Our team are anticipating it will commence within 60 days, but please do provide us with your email address to keep you updated with the latest up to date info.

  • QUS:- "Can you use this application in Nigeria?"

    Yes this application can be used in Nigeria, and as long as you have a strong enough signal and you will be able to use this anywhere in the world!!!

  • QUS:- "How much battery will this car navigation use?"

    Thats a very good question as we are still testing the application, and once we have completed all the prototype testing i will be able to provide you with a better answer.

  • QUS:- "I really like the idea of having a fare calculator on the app, how accurate is it?"

    When you complete your car model profile including engine size etc... Our database will give us a good idea on how much fuel it will cost for your dedicated journey. Please be aware that these are estimates with only 1 driver, and to consider traffic if you do come across it.

  • QUS:- "Can I start socialising with other members even if I am chilling at home?"

    Absolutely, you can message each other everywhere and anywhere. Please note that is against to law to text or use a handheld device while driving.

  • QUS:- "Will this application be translated in Chinese?"

    Im afraid not, our developers are working on translating in Chinese soon. But will not be able to give you a date at the moment.

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